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We received anywhere between one thousand to four thousand new arrivals each day.

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Zara, amongst other international donors, had shipped in large containers of clothes. I allowed groups of six in at a time (6 men or 6 women in respect of culture and privacy).

The roads were littered with life jackets, aluminum foil capes and destroyed baggage. Police patrolling groups of refugees, speaking to them in a language they’ve never heard before. I saw women exhausted, holding their children as they cried loudly from hunger and discomfort.

Arriving at the camp was like entering an entirely separate world, a dark dimension. There were entire families embracing one another as they sit in 30 degree weather completely drenched in sea water and men sitting defeated staring into their new world of constant survival mode. With a background solely in beauty, fashion and production, I had no idea what I would be able to offer in the camps.

The refugee crisis was very much calling me at the time I quit my job. Now, in 2015, watching this constant outlay of destruction hit the Middle East and displace so many families was devastating.

I am Egyptian, and many of my family members were in fact refugees themselves, my parents being refugees to the U. My dear friend, who has been working as a humanitarian for several years, was called to join the refugee crisis in Greece, in response of the major influx to the island of Lesvos.

Everyone who stepped into that little “boutique” walked in with nothing but the soaking sneakers on their feet and ripped veils, but there was an energy of choice inside that allowed them to defer their reality, even if just for 10 minutes.

As she was leaving the “boutique”, she stopped to ask me, “Why are you being so nice to us? I was caught by surprise and without even thinking I said, “Because I love you.” She embraced me and whispered she loved me too. #threadsforhumanity After seeing the success of the boutique in terms of efficiency, management and the high records of distribution we were able to maintain daily, I decided to start my own movement here in the United States is called “#threadsforhumanity” which I plan to launch early 2016. clothing from individuals/fashion brands) and demand (i.e. If you were to put “supply demand” on a venn diagram, that connecting center is choice.2012, the Syrian civil war reached the suburbs of Damascus.Army tanks rolled over anti-government protesters in Ghouta; artillery shells fell on Darayya.We bought heaters and installed solar powered lights (both of which do not exist on the camp of course), had incense burning, laid a carpet on the floor, had drapery. Immediately, you began to feel the type of experience they were having at the “boutique”.With the money I raised from my Go Fund Me campaign, we also purchased boots, sneakers, panties, socks, sanitary napkins, bars of soap and much more from local businesses on the island. They weren’t begging for a bottle of water, they weren’t being treated like animals.Rival sniper bullets frequently pinged the sides of the bus.

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