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Furthermore, the linguistic strategy used by men who were given photos of young, attractive women and required to imagine a romantic encounter with them was to display novelty by using less common words, and provides a variety of different ways to express the same meaning, thereby enhancing our creative potential.

To date, a woman’s preference for a potential mate has been found to be context-dependent and influenced by multiple factors.

However, it remains unclear how such a system emerged and evolved from protolanguage to modern forms that consist of complex syntax and function.

One hypothesis is that the complexity of modern language might have been shaped by a “mating mind”, language, music, humor, art, etc.

Compliments targeting appearance increased male attractiveness more than possessions.

Interestingly, compliments on appearance using novel metaphors were preferred by women in a relationship during the fertile phase but by single women during the luteal phase.

Language plays an important role in romantic attachment.

However, it is unclear whether the structure and topic of language use might influence potential mate choice.

However, findings are still somewhat inconsistent for whether a woman’s preference for intelligence or creativity should be strengthened during her fertile phase or not.

Furthermore, no studies to date have directly investigated the impact of figurativeness in verbal compliments on female preferences in a courtship context.

In the current study we therefore aimed to investigate: 1) Which type of compliment can increase men’s attractiveness in women’s eyes, literal or metaphoric?

2) If women prefer compliments targeting their appearance or possessions?

On the basis of previous studies we hypothesized that: 1) Men who use metaphoric language to pay compliments, novel metaphors in particular, will be rated as more attractive than those who use literal compliments; 2) Men who compliment a woman’s appearance will be perceived as more attractive than those complimenting her possessions and 3) Any observed attraction bias for the figurativeness or topic of compliments will be strongest during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.