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Although it initially specialized primarily in Latin music, it eventually grew to encompass a much larger library of music, with a catalog of more than 300,000 songs.

But were they really the first to envision, manufacture, or sell many of the tech products we take for granted today? Where Apple’s many competitors preoccupy themselves with function, Apple is equally concerned with form.

The first digital music player to be mass produced was the “MPMan” player by South Korean company Saehan Information Systems.

It became available in April 1998, but it could only hold about six songs.

Sadly, was hit hard by the dotcom bubble crash and the rise of Napster. As he often did, Jobs saw the future before anyone else did, and seized the moment.

Apple became the world’s leading music vendor in 2010, i Tunes changed the entire music industry forever, and the success of the powerhouse combo of i Pod and i Tunes transformed “Apple Computers” into “Apple, Inc.” The word “smartphone” was coined in 1997 to describe a concept phone by Ericsson called the GS88, but the first true smartphone came four years earlier.

After Simon, other companies like Palm, Nokia, and RIM got into the smartphone game.

In 2007, the first i Phone debuted, and it rocked the world with its huge touchscreen, sexy steel-and-glass design, and all-in-one features (it also incorporated the ability to listen to music, watch videos, etc.).My research indicates that the Micral N, from French company R2E was the earliest commercial, non-kit PC to be based on a microprocessor.It was used in niche markets for “process control,” but was never intended for public use.Apple created a product that was significantly smaller and sleeker than its competitors, with a minimalistic user interface that encapsulated the company’s design philosophy for the next decade and beyond.The “click wheel,” in true Apple fashion, made navigating one’s music collection easy and even fun.Android devices hit the market about a year after the i Phone, and instantly the two smartphones became the leading contenders for the smartphone throne — and bitter rivals.