Updating fedora from command line

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Updating fedora from command line

At this point, your Fedora 24 system must be ready for the upgrade operation, therefore, execute the following command to start the upgrade process.

Then next you have to make sure that you have the latest software running on your Fedora 23 using this command below: You can alternatively use Gnome software, if you prefer not to use the command line.

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Fedora 24 general release was announced yesterday and many users are now hoping to upgrade to the latest edition of the popular Linux distribution.

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tells the DNF upgrade plugin to get rid of any package(s) that is(are) possibly interfering with the system upgrade activity. If the preceding command is successful, meaning all the packages required packages for the upgrade process have been downloaded, run the next command to reboot your system into the actual upgrade process: Once you have executed the command above, your system will reboot, select the present Fedora 24 kernel and then immediately after the kernel selection interface, the upgrade process will start.

When the upgrade process is complete, the system will restart and you’ll be able to log in to your newly upgraded Fedora 25 system.As is the case with every new version of a given Linux distribution, Fedora 25 ships in with several bug fixes and changes to the fundamental components, in addition, it comes with new and improved/updated packages as listed below: Alternatively, choose Software from GNOME Shell and then select the Updates tab in GNOME Software application and you will see an interface as the one below.Next off, click on the Download button to download all the available upgrade packages.After the previous step is done, meaning the system has been updated with Fedora 24 package list, and all the packages have been downloaded, you need to restart your system by issuing the command below: After running the command above, select the old Fedora 23 kernel and the upgrade process will kick start, when it is done upgrading, you will have Fedora 24 running on your machine.I believe these are simple steps with direct instructions, therefore you may not face a lot of problems while upgrading from Fedora 23 to Fedora 24, but as usual, some users may face certain difficulties or issues.So follow the steps below carefully to perform the upgrade. As usual, start by backing up your vital data on the system or perhaps you may consider backing up the whole system, followed by updating your Fedora 24 system packages to the latest versions.

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