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However, this is not applicable in case of Indian States.

Indian Constitution provides that some amendments require a special majority.In Indian constitution the powers of state and centre are clearly defined and there are very clear limits of both the centre and the state for law making powers. The State List consists of 66 subjects of local interest such as Public Health, Police etc.The Concurrent List has 47 subjects important to both the Union and the State such as Electricity, Trade Union, Economic and Social Planning, etc.It can declare a law as unconstitutional, if it contravenes any provision of the Constitution.In spite of the fact that the Indian Constitution establishes a federal structure, it is indeed very difficult to put the Indian Constitution in the category of a true federation.The following provision of Indian constitution makes it unitary Article I of the Constitution describes India as a ‘Union of States’, which implies two things: firstly, it is not the result of an agreement among the States and secondly, the States have no freedom to secede or separate from the Union.

Besides, the Constitution of the Union and the States is a single framework from which neither can get out and within which they must function.In other words, Governor is the agent of the Centre in the States.The working of Indian federal system clearly reveals that the Governor has acted more as centre’s representative than as the head of the State.As such amendments can only be made by the Union Parliament.All India Services such as IAS and IPS have been created which are kept under the control of the Union.In a federal set up there is a two tier of Government with well assigned powers and functions.

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