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The author has delved back into the mists of time for some of his famous women, and the first entry of all is for a woman who lived in the fifth and sixth century.

Each entrant enjoys a detailed biography which flags up their links to Wales, and it is a fascinating read.

She was the daughter of Harlow Davies, a lawyer with Welsh ancestors.

James Davis left Wales for the New World in the early 1600's and helped found a city in Massachusetts, the state where Bette was born.

Eighteen months ago, her son was christened Dylan and her fledgling production company is called Milkwood. First, those less well-known but obviously Welsh, including, for example major creative talents like Gwen John and Jean Rhys.

Or secondly, those of international repute but less obviously connected to Wales, including Bette Davis, Elizabeth David, George Eliot, Nell Gwyn, Myrna Loy, Mary Quant and Delia Smith, as well as Kylie Minogue (her mother, Carol Jones, left Maesteg in 1955).

"Her services to the destruction of British manufacturing and social equality as Mrs Thatcher, and her illegal treatment of miners can never be forgiven by this author."Other famous names in the book include: singers Charlotte Church and Petula Clark, actresses Sarah Siddons and Sian Phillips, fashion designers Laura Ashley and Mary Quant, sportswomen Tracy Edwards and Tanni Grey-Thompson plus Hollywood stars Myrna Loy and Esther Williams. Thus Breverton gathers usual suspects such as various early saints and queens (including Guinevere, Boadicea, Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor), as well as later stars such as Shirley Bassey, Sian Phillips, Petula Clark, Mary Hopkin and Charlotte Church.

Not to mention the incomparable Catherine Zeta Jones, who, of course, is always mindful to keep her Welsh credentials up to date.

It's not too often you see Charlotte Church and Catrin Glyndwr - daughter of one of Wales favourite sons, Owain - in the same list.

Or Shirley Bassey and Tanni Grey-Thompson rubbing shoulders with Elizabeth Tudor, who ranks among England's supreme monarchs, and Gwenllian.

Nobody seems interested in it, and I believe that's because we have been put down for so long, we believe and have accepted that we are second-class citizens.

We've even allowed our greatest hero - King Arthur - to be hijacked by the West Country."Terry believes that the tales of Welsh heroes and heroines need to be retold to a wider audience, and hopes his books will help recover some of the lost ground.

And he hopes his labours of love will help bring the pride back into Welsh history."All my books have been about the culture and heritage of Wales, because it isn't taught in schools and I don't think politicians are interested in it.' He says.