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How about discussing together constructive ways to move forward and to create the love you want?As I write in my book : "When it comes to relationships and love, I truly believe that single women don't talk enough with each other about their real fears and struggles not only because they don't want to appear vulnerable but also for fear of (gasp!

Your doctor may also take a tissue scraping or culture of the blisters for examination in the laboratory.Because the truth is we don't just happen upon love and a great relationship just as we don't just happen upon, say, leadership positions in the working world.The Hollywood rom-coms lead women to believe that love is something that occurs through luck or serendipity, but I believe, for the most part, you create your own luck, and the truth is you have to work towards creating healthy, happy love in your life.I don't believe these two very important facets of our lives need to be mutually exclusive.While both journeys take effort and commitment, pursuing career and love can certainly occur side by side. Lean in to your love lives in the same way you excitedly choose to lean in to every other aspect of your life (career, hobbies, volunteering, athletics, etc.).I was recently presented with a really cool opportunity and instead of asking for details (as I might have done in the past because of the fear that maybe I couldn't deliver or wasn't smart enough to deliver), I just said yes. Form a dating/relationships "circle" (a "Love TREP circle") Women are so willing to join career circles, yet, somewhere along the way, they have convinced themselves they need to go it alone when it comes to creating love in their lives.

Leading up to the opportunity, I prepared like crazy, and I ultimately delivered kick-ass results. Just say yes when opportunities present themselves or say yes to creating your own opportunities. They put up rock-hard facades designed to show others they don't care about having love in their lives. The gist of Sandberg's idea is to encourage women -- through "circles," lectures, forums, and other forms of support -- to lean in to their careers, to work toward achieving positions of leadership in government and industry. For the last few months, I've been part of a lean in-esque women's group that gets together once every six weeks to discuss mostly career and work-related women's issues and to support one another in our various endeavors. While I'm all about achieving one's career dreams, as a dating coach helping women create healthy, happy dating lives and relationships, I can't help but ask: What about love?Might it also be helpful for women to "lean in" to their love lives? Don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting we turn back the clocks to the 1950s, nor am I saying women should sacrifice their career ambitions for love, but why should women's forward motion in the working world have to come at the expense of finding love?) actually having to admit they really want to find love." It's time to own up to the fact that you do want a loving relationship (if that is indeed what you want), to put a stake in the ground, to say it proudly to yourself and others, and to start living like you really mean it.Invest in your love life, in your "dating and love venture," as I like to call it, in the same way you invest in your other ventures in life.Moreover, people are often more comfortable with decisions and intentions if they feel they get to first share their ideas and thoughts with others.

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