Top 5 intimidating european grounds

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Top 5 intimidating european grounds - Chat live with horny women no pay

Galatasaray's home, historically known as the Ali Semi Yen, has coined the phrase "welcome to hell" as a result of the reception it gives to visiting teams.

The passion of the fans in the Northeast of England is crazy.

The saving grace was that the Estadio Olimpico has a running track around the pitch, which saved our guys on corner kicks.

In some places where we play in qualifying, the fans are 10 feet away from you at the corner flag.

Our staff brought in some beers and champagne, and all of a sudden we heard some banging on the glass-block windows that were high up on the wall.

The way the stadium was designed, the fans could look right down into our locker room from street-level.

No big deal.”Then you have your first trip to Mexico City, and the intense vibe starts before you even leave the hotel. When you get to the locker room, the staff wheels in oxygen tanks and it reminds you that you’re about to play 90 minutes at 7,000 feet above sea level.

The locals invariably find out where we’re staying and there always seems to be a crowd waiting for us as we board the bus. It’s almost like a presidential motorcade to get to the stadium. Performing at an elite level at that altitude isn’t easy.It’s one of the things that makes the Premier League’s atmosphere so incredible. The Players’ Tribune asked me to come up with the 5 most epic road stadiums I’ve ever played in.All these people who gave up their weekend to drive 115 miles from Birmingham to London in rented coaches just so they could show their support and try to drown out the chants of 30,000 Tottenham supporters. As someone who has been lucky enough to play all over the world, it was no easy task.The riot police police had to line up across from one another and improvise a tunnel of shields for us to run under.So as we crouched down and ran through, we could hear coins, lighters, and all kinds of random stuff pinging off the shields. We finally got into the locker room and we were ready to celebrate.There was only one rule: I couldn’t list our home stadium of Villa Park (shout out to the Holte End). player, it’s intimidating because so many teams before us have gone down there to play Mexico and failed to get a point.

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