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This gross form of human exploitation is also linked to the lingering challenges of widespread poverty and growing income inequalities, and lack of adequate employment opportunities.Before assessing what has been done over the past decade or so to contend with this problem, and what else may be done at present, let us take a closer look at the complex realities surrounding this issue.

A good friend—a young woman who is usually warm and social—greets anyone who tries to leave her a voicemail with the following: “Don’t bother leaving a message here because I won’t listen to it. I asked friends and clients how they feel about keeping in contact with people over the phone.

The dominant economic characteristic of the agricultural labour force in Sindh and Balochistan is extreme poverty and low social indicators of development.

Poverty is pervasive and deep, especially in rural areas.

Bonded labourers are mostly from socially excluded groups, including minorities and migrants who suffer additionally from discrimination and political disenfranchisement.

Studies conducted by reputable agencies like the Asian Development Bank (ADB) reveal that Pakistan has a large rural-urban gap in terms of social and economic indicators of development.

This article will begin by highlighting the problem of bonded labour in rural areas of the country.

Thereafter, the effectiveness of various local and international agencies in abolishing this practise will be discussed.

Even when speaking with people we feel totally comfortable with in person, the phone call format makes everything feel more stilted, more forced, and often more shallow.

Is it time to give up on the phone call altogether? The phone call continues to be relevant because it remains the best way to maintain relationships across physical distance.

The existence of national laws such as the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1992 also did little to change the situation on ground.

Inaction or apathy concerning this practice can be attributed to a lack of empirical knowledge regar-ding the issue, combined with inadequate institutional capacity to take appropriate action, as well as socio-cultural acceptance of this phenomenon within the context of a highly stratified social set-up which exists across the country.

When more than one meeting is at a location, the map will show an icon with the number of meetings there.

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