What to expect when dating a law student

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What to expect when dating a law student - who is marie wright dating

The procedure of amending the Constitution in a federal system is normally rigid.

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All India Services such as IAS and IPS have been created which are kept under the control of the Union.In other words, Governor is the agent of the Centre in the States.The working of Indian federal system clearly reveals that the Governor has acted more as centre’s representative than as the head of the State.The supremacy of the constitution means that both, the Union and the State Governments, shall operate within the limits set by the Constitution.And both the union government and the central government derive their powers from the constitution.: The constitution of India is a rigid constitution and this is one of the basic features of federal constitution.A unitary system is governed constitutionally as one single unit, with one constitutionally created legislature. A unitary state is a sovereign state governed as one single unit in which the central government is supreme and any administrative divisions (sub national units) exercise only powers that the central government chooses to delegate.

This is one of the federal features of the Indian constitution.

In Indian constitution the powers of state and centre are clearly defined and there are very clear limits of both the centre and the state for law making powers. The State List consists of 66 subjects of local interest such as Public Health, Police etc.

The Concurrent List has 47 subjects important to both the Union and the State such as Electricity, Trade Union, Economic and Social Planning, etc.

It has been the matter of debate among the scholars that whether the constitution of India is completely federal or unitary in nature.

But actually Indian constitution contains both features of a federal constitution and unitary constitution.

In a true federation such as that of United State of America every State irrespective of their size in terms of area or population it sends two representatives in the upper House i.e. In addition to all this, all important appointments such as the Chief Election Commissioner, the Comptroller and Auditor General are made by the Union Government. There is no provision for separate Constitutions for the states.

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