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Tiny Tim lives full-time with the family inside during the winter months, but when the weather turns nice, he is free to trot about the farm.The owners said he is very friendly and cuddly, 'adores pillow fights, pulling off all the couch cushions to make a fort for himself and rearranging the patio furniture.'The precious donkey, now seven months old and nearly 70 pounds, has even made a name for himself on Facebook.'Tiny has definitely changed our lives,' Jody told People.

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A precious miniature donkey named Tiny Tim spends his days doing what he enjoys most - dog activities.

Although Tiny Tim was born in a Peterborough, Ontario farm, he spends much of his time indoors playing with his owners and fellow canine housemates.

Tim came into the world as a surprise last summer - after two of Jody and Ted Toppings' donkeys bred.

Owner Jody said the baby donkey 'takes on characteristics of dogs' as 'he fetches a ball, licks plates as I load the dishwasher and sleeps on a dog bed,' she explained to People.

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