When updating bios what is important

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These updates are usually available on the manufacturer’s website.

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An example would be X99 DELUXE to X99 DELUXE II - The DELUXE II is similar in many regards and many aspects of updates in regards to performance tuning or compatibility will be phased into the board at is production. Please read some important aspects regarding UEFI releases and UEFI updating. Check ou the list below for the most recent releases of ASUS UEFI updates.Please download the most appropriate update for the computer.When prompted, save and extract the Toshiba BIOS update archive into a directory on the computer.How to Update BIOS First, identify the BIOS version without rebooting the computer.

To do this, follow these steps: It is a good idea to backup the BIOS before updating it.

Please keep in mind that if you motherboard is not listed it does not mean it will not be updated ( especially if it was produced within the last year or more recently ).

For boards older than 1 year / 12 months updates will generally become less frequent as the vast majority of aspects that require updating will have been implemented / phased into the UEFI.

If this is the case, the user has to change the boot order so that the system seeks a bootable USB drive or CD before it loads the operating system from the hard drive.

Phoenix Technologies outsources all Award BIOS upgrade support to e Support.

Most BIOS software update versions have a Save or Backup option built in and guide users when they back up their BIOS before upgrading it. Before updating the BIOS, make sure that the computer’s power supply is not coming from a laptop battery.

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