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There were showers forecast for the day ahead, and that’s never a great prospect for a commentator, as it means he has very little action to talk about, but still hours of airtime to fill.

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Of course, such is the way in this modern day, he soon recovered sufficiently to whip his mobile out and started taking selfies, But that Latest has even made it to the microphone at all this morning is something of a miracle.Once we were up and out ( and ascertained the alarm had actually been set off by the restaurant next door) we decided we might as well head for our breakfast walk.Now, in his panic, it would be fair to say that Latest pulled on a somewhat eclectic mixture of clothes.But you know what it’s like at the end of a holiday; when you’re going home, you just want to BE at home, this minute, without the inconvenience of travelling. Ireland may be out of the World Cup but, my word, the other countries could learn a thing or two from them.For sheer passion and enjoyment of the game and representing their country, they (and their supporters) would be hard to beat.Someone will no doubt tell me what that is all about.

And so, with a heavy heart, Latest set off for the last match of England’s World Cup campaign.

After a long day, he helped himself to one of those over-priced small bottles of wine that you find in a minibar.

Knocking back the first mouthful he discovered, to his horror, that some scurrilous former guest had drunk the wine and substituted it with water to avoid payment.

In fact, the only things that WERE matching were those dratted trainers.

So when we bumped into former fast bowler Brett Lee and his immaculately attired wife, in what has become our usual breakfast haunt, I suddenly felt the need to disown him.

Of course, he’s still reporting on, and commentating on the final group matches, then the quarters, semis and the final, but he’s now a COMPLETELY neutral observer.