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Hunter called his pyromaniacal tendencies toward Wenner "the ultimate ambition every writer has about his editor." Likelihood that it actually happened: There's photographic evidence of the fire-spitting.

A lonely doctor, who once occupied an unusual lakeside house, begins exchanging love letters with its former resident, a frustrated architect.

Fibre de Verre Written by Benedicte Grimault, David Lewis, Ali Boudrahem, François Jeannin and Manohisoa Razanajato Performed by Paris Combo Courtesy of Universal Music S. Division Polydor (France) Under license from Universal Music Enteprises See more » Something's Gotta Give (2003)There are two things recommending this film: Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. You might expect their individual strengths, but they actually have chemistry, or at least rapport, on screen.

The story is fun and funny and heartwarming, and you kind of know what's going to happen much of the time.

The story: Johnny Depp lived with Thompson for a while to get his mannerisms down for the film version of .

His quarters were down in Thompson's basement, and apparently they were hastily assembled out of whatever was handy at the time: Depp recalls going to ash his cigarette into an ashtray on his bedside table and then casually noticing that the table itself was a crate of dynamite.

The equipment list is short and sweet: golf club, golf ball, shotgun.

(Preferably a 12-gauge.) The participants are a shooter, a golfer, and a judge, though the game can be expanded for two-man teams.He called Thompson down to the basement and asked if the dynamite was real; Thompson replied, "Good God, Colonel [his nickname for Depp]! " Explosions seemed par for the course during the tenure of Depp and Thompson's friendship.Their relationship began with Depp blowing up propane tanks in Thompson's yard, and ended with the actor bankrolling Thompson's request to have his ashes shot out of a cannon.and then John Cusack played a round with him after somehow being coerced (or bullied) into stealing Don Henley's car. Gonzo quotient: "Shotgun golf" is a profound melding of high and low culture, though it's unlikely Thompson had post-modern aesthetics on his mind when he called Bill Murray in the middle of the night.But nothing involving golf can be truly badass, so this falls relatively low on the scale. He used crates of dynamite as furniture, almost blowing up Johnny Depp in the process.And you want it to, so you get that confirmation and have fun watching the two be together (or not) as their relationship grows and changes.

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